UX Design

Digital prototyping for a financial Robo-Advisor

Nordea Bank
UX Designer
2019 - 12 Months
Design Sprint Facilitation


During my employment as a UX Designer at Nordea Bank, I was involved in different projects running in the bank. This project page will show several of these projects with each of its own challenges.


As this page covers different projects I was involved in, the outcomes are ranging from UI Designs, workshop outputs, clickable prototypes or animations.

Responsive Design of the Nora’s implemented login portal

One of the projects I worked on was Nora, the bank’s financial ‘robo-advisor’. Nora is an application that helps people to invest their money without too much hassle or knowledge about investing required. For Nora, a new login portal needed to be designed, which includes the secure Danish ‘Nem-ID’ login.

1. Analyzing login portals from competitive financial institutions

I researched how competitive banks designed their login to find ways to differentiate ourselves. Because of the lack of images, their login portals appeared cold and non-human. As we strive to be exactly the opposite, this gave us opportunities.

2. Design and feedback through several iterations

After analysing the competition, several iterations of designs were made. These designs were shown to colleagues who gave feedback on terms of overall impression, usability and implementation difficulty.

3. Final design of the implemented login portal

The final design chosen and implemented gives a welcoming feeling; a cosy couple on the couch finishing some financial planning on a Sunday afternoon. The image aligns with the images used inside the application and the design could easily be developed in a responsive way across different devices.

Mapping User Flows for the new net bank

A redesign of the new net bank made us rethink how the structure of the net bank could be improved. Below is an example of one of the final flow that was chosen for the ‘search’ functionality.

Micro-interactions for enhancing the user experience

Micro-interactions can be used to make it easier to understand elements in a User Interface. I designed several micro-interactions that give more depth to the static UI and guide the user with subtle movement. The first example shows how a horizontal phone position enables users to dive deeper into their investment history and see the events that occurred along the way. The second micro-interaction makes it easier to see the current status of a particular trade.

Co-facilitating a 5-day design sprint to align on 3 new features

Design sprints are used to innovate in a rapid manner; a team spending 5 days together trying to solve a concrete business challenge. In Nordea, design sprints gained popularity and I helped to facilitate one for the new net bank. PMs, developers and designers came together from whole Scandinavia to rethink features for the net bank. At first, it seemed that many had their own agenda what should be included, but the creative exercises helped to gain a creative unified feeling which led to 3 new features that were prototyped.

1. Design of a poster to raise awareness and understanding of design sprints
2. Facilitating the sprint in which we came up with three new features for the future netbank

Reskinning old designs to align with new design system

A new design system was implemented in the bank, which meant that current products needed to be fully redesigned while others only needed a light ‘re-skin’ to align with the design system. For Nora, the bank’s financial ‘robo-advisor’ I iterated on several designs to align the app with the new system.

Design of behaviour-type posters to raise target user awareness

To gain more understanding and awareness on our target users, I designed several posters that displayed our ‘behaviour-types’, which are classifications of people with a different attitude, knowledge, and relation to investing. These posters were framed and hung up on a place where people pass by often, to remind them who we are designing for.

Crafting clickable prototypes and enable for localization

In several projects, I was involved in making clickable prototypes. In below example, I collected all the latest designs from many different sketch files and combined them into one ‘master-file’ so everybody knows what the latest full version of the design is. In this file, I connected each text field to a .JSON file and translation plugin which helps to speed up the translation for different markets. As Nordea is active in whole Scandinavia, all products must work in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finish and English. After that, I made the designs clickable in Invision so everybody can demo the application internally or test it externally.

Workshop facilitation to enhance creativity on the workplace

For designers in a bank, it’s sometimes difficult to spark your creative energy if the corporate office environment doesn’t allow for that. To stimulate creativity within the team, I facilitated a workshop to come up with ‘testable’ ideas that we could prototype in our office space. One of them was the colourful ‘behaviour-type’-posters I mentioned above.

“Pieter very quickly became a natural part of the team and he has contributed to a lot of different tasks spanning from Service Design to UX/UI work. He has for ex. been facilitating workshops to enable a more creative workspace and making UX/UI prototypes for our digital savings advisor Nora. It has been a great pleasure to have Pieter in the team. I’m sure any organization will benefit from Pieters’s positive attitude and skills!”

Jesper Jul Mørch

Head of Experience & Design, Nordea

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