I get energy from exploring and creating. Always hungry for the unknown. Design is like that - being comfortable in the vagueness, uncertain what the outcomes will be, constantly discovering and adjusting.

Design Identity

I see design as the space between what’s now, and what can be. A way of imagining what the future could look like, and even more important, a way of testing out these imagined possibilities. I think that’s what setting design apart from art or philosophy - it’s more tangible and practical.

Coming from an Industrial Design background, I started to fill my toolbox with Human Centric design methods that came in handy when transitioning towards Service Design. Here I sharpened my ability to zoom out - to think holistically in systems and networks, or zoom in - focussing on customer journeys and specific touchpoints. After that I also wanted to be able to design the most detailed level of these touchpoint, such as apps, websites and dashboards; building a pixel-perfect User Interface. Currently I manage all these phases of a design process - from initial User Research to making the User Interfaces.

Current Work
Senior Product Designer

Novoresume is a tech startup on a mission to fight ‘galactic unemployment’. Currently they do this by building a successful resume-builder; a web tool used by +6 million users globally. The next step is building other products to help people land their dream job. My focus here is on doing research to find such opportunities and leading the design direction of the new products we’re making.

Logic Moon
Founding Partner & Design Manager

Logic Moon is a design studio geared towards creating tech-driven interaction and service design projects that transform our society. Keeping a foot in academia and another in the professional design industry gives us a unique opportunity to merge the two worlds. My focus here is managing the design processes for the projects we are involved in.

Companies / Clients

This is a selection of tools, methods or broader practices that I often use in my work which I feel comfortable tweaking, adapting and re-adjusting to each unique design process.


- Portfolio curation platform (2021)

UX Design Weekly

- Newsletter with 30.000+ subscribers (2021)


- Portfolio inspiration (2021)


- Honorable mention for "Youth in the City" (2021)